Thursday, May 19, 2011

Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter

Hey there~ I'll introduce you to my first nendoroid, Black Rock Shooter~! I got this from my father's friend who went for a business trip to Japan. Anyway, here's a quick shot of the unboxing~ 
 Here's BRS in her box
 Here's all of the accessories, including a normal face, a battling face, a chanxco original face. There's her black blade and her rock cannon. The rock cannon comes with a special stand for her to sit on top of it. And there's 4 arms, plus two arms with the sleeves covering her hands. There's additional hands for holding the black blade and the rock cannon. An extra back of the robe for sitting position, also the sitting feet. And there's an other folding foot. Also she has a hair piece without the blue flame. She comes with her stand~
 Here's the first pose I tried

 She also comes with a DVD containing the OVA~
 BRS and her box
 Another pose
 Face zoom in~
 Another face zoom in~
 Here's the chanxco original face, and she's sitting on her rock cannon ouo

 Here's what it looks like
Chanxco original face zoom in~

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