Monday, May 9, 2011

Figma Azusa Nakano

Alright~ Figma Azusa Nakano is my first figma which I bought from the local figure store in Jakarta. I think it's an excellent figure. When I unboxed her to try posing her, I couldn't find her guitar straps. I called the store and they said they didn't know. I started panicking until I found out that the straps were behind the background all the time ==" When I posed her for the first time, I was kinda scared if one of the joints were broken or something~ But I finally got the hang of it~
 Here's Azu-nyan in her box~
 This is the first pose I tried~
 Azu-nyan and her box
Azu-nyan and her guitar

This is a post in about Azu-nyan's first day ---> Azu-nyan's first day!!!

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