Saturday, July 30, 2011

CLAS:H Cosplay Competition

Hey guys! I went to a cosplay competition event last week on Balai Kartini, Jakarta with a couple of friends. A lot of people came, and it was a great event, and everybody looked so satisfied and happy at the event.

Anyway, on this competition, there were 6 guests:
1. Pinky Lu Xun from Indonesia
2. Orochi X from Indonesia
3. Naoki Drachen from Thailand
4. Mark Musashi from USA
5. Alodia Gosiengfiao from Philippines
6. Kaname from Japan

Here's the ticket box line, although it started a long time after this!

Finally got the ticket~
The VIPs got the chance to attend the Meet and Greet with the judges~

This is the line for the meet and greet session  xDDD

One judge was questioned, then it's the autograph session! xD
Besides the main event, there were tons of people cosplaying~! Anyway here's a few pics of the cosplay~

A cute Touhou group >w<

A lot of mikus! >w<

Here's the main event:

Opening performance by on project~

Hosted by Choky Sitohang, an Indonesian celebrity who's also cosplaying at that time xD

The first judge, Pinky Lu Xun

The second judge, Orochi X

The third judge, Naoki Drachen

The fourth judge, Mark Musashi

The fifth judge, Alodia Gosiengfiao

The sixth judge, Kaname

Here's a few pics of the competition~

Special Performance by Team Drachen xDD

It's time for the winner announcement!

Here's Mark giving the prize xDD

Alodia's presenting the gift

A little photo session

When Kaname's about to give the first prize, suddenly the two hugged him! xD

Another photo session xD

Naoki's giving the prize xD

The winners and the judges

The show was so great, I had a lot of fun, and I was quite tired too xDD Anyway I enjoyed it so much!

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